Welcome to the Buchanan County ATV trails website . Come out and enjoy some of the most majestic scenery
Virginia has to offer. Nestled between Kentucky and West Virginia, Buchanan County offers some of the most pleasurable ATV riding trails in Southwest Virginia.

 We have some of the most enjoyable trails in the area for your riding enjoyment. We take pride in our trails and keep them properly maintained to insure you have a safe and pleasant riding experience. We have trails for all experience and age groups. Young and old we have a trail for you !!

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Permits may be purchased at the following locations:
Coal Canyon ATV Permit
Harman Costal 276-531-7068
Poplar Gap Park 276-935-5725
Radio Shack 276-935-7595
Jewell Valley ATV Permit
Buddy's Gas-Go 276-259-7070
Poplar Gap Park 276-935-5725
Grundy, VA. IDA
Southwest VA. Elk